The last few days have a been a big wake up call for not only me, but for the world. Black Lives Matter, and while I’ve always felt this way, I was not a good ally. As life moves forward I don’t want to change the subject, I want the subject to be a part of my every-day actions. I want to live more inclusively. And here on the blog I want to share more inclusively. In the past I didn’t do enough, and I want to do better for my family, my community surrounding me, and for my online community as well. This blog is not an “important site” by any means – it’s not curing cancer or saving lives and I am not an expert on anything. It’s a place for us to discover pretty things. But in purposefully sharing more black and minority owned brands, I hope to make it a more inclusive and supportive place for all of us.

One thing that I’m doing is diversifying my social media feed, diversifying what shows I’m watching, diversifying what I’m reading. Harder to do, I want to diversity my friendships. Sure I have black friends, but I live a pretty white Charleston life. It’s a stark difference to our much more diverse relationships (both social and professional) that we have on Harbour Island, Bahamas. It’s never felt intentional, but it’s messed up nonetheless. Since sharing is what we do around here, I just wanted to share the thoughts above (thank you for reading), and I want to highlight a few black owned brands/business/creators that I think you’ll love.

这种微小的流苏- 咪咪Striplin开始了制作手工制作流苏珠宝,她的网站现在还携带的乐趣件整体品种!咪咪也有一部分业主在Cannonborough集体,一个流行的商店查尔斯顿市中心!

通过A + T恤- 安格尔特克斯勒是我的孩子的学校老师(她是每个孩子都希望得到的一个)。她的T恤线是深受学生和家长的一致好评。我认为这我是>我是三通是相当配合。

克洛伊数字– Chloe Watts and her digital team have been my website experts for over 5 years now. They offer 24/7 support when you need it, and can do anything for your blog that you need. She’s supportive, uplifting, kind, talented, and inspiring all rolled into one.

Estelle Colored Glass- 我发现斯蒂芬妮大厅的玻璃线,也许两个月,在立即抽!的色彩和漂亮的摄影化妆彩虹我想开始饮用葡萄酒,这样我可以有一个很好的借口,以填补我的书架。徳赢新铂金馆她是查尔斯顿的商业,太!

Pip Pip Hooray Shop– I just recently featured Jen Rogers in my Sohp Shop x Easter Basket Mom Picks blog post, she’s one of my favorite accounts to followInstagram上and has the most upbeat and beautiful feed. Her kid’s shop is pretty darn cute, too!

#blackAF——杰克和我多了这一两个月前展示nd it was seriously so good. Add it to your list!

这么好玩的年龄– I read this book by Kiley Reid last year and it’s the kind of book that really makes you think, while being really fun to read at the same time. Highly recommend it.

The Sweet Life of Bean– 8 year old Bean Ervin is one of my favorite accounts on instagram. We met her a couple of years ago when she came to Charleston and we all had lunch downtown. Lilly and I love keeping up with all the good things Bean and her family are doing in Charlotte.

盐干电子琴花车- 一个想知道电子​​琴花车在查尔斯顿使用丹妮和她的丈夫的Mac。我的意思是说有多可爱?她来到我们最美丽的花束!我只是介绍这个星期她的帐户,并很高兴别人分享。

Kenesha Sneed– Tactile Matter is one of my favorite artist accounts to follow. Kenesha’s artwork is beautiful, just like she is.

从爱爵士– A Sirmantha Ellison founded this gift and stationary shop in Atlanta. Her shopping site is not only beautiful and stocked with really great finds, but she specializes in custom gift design – great for weddings, conferences, and guests!

Venita Aspen- 最后但并非最不重要的,我的勤奋努力和可爱的朋友Venita。她基本上所有这一切 - 建模,生产,旅游。看到她对Instagram的后,我在2016年七月她传递消息(我只是寻找我的电子邮件确认,我通常不知道日期,这样公顷)见面吃饭或饮料进行连接。她是在传染病的人,因为她是在Instagram的。伸出手的盲人朋友,日期是什么,我会在未来更经常发生。




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